Sanibel Captiva Beach Resorts regularly and independently tests our beach water quality for red tide concentrations with scientists at Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation —  in an on-going effort to provide accurate, honest and transparent reporting of current conditions. For the record, we are unaware of other island resorts providing this same public service.

Thursday, September 20, the following conditions were reported at our beach resort locations:

  • ‘Tween Waters Island Resort & Spa, Captiva Island: Less than 100,000 (low)
  • Castaways Cottages, Blind Pass: Less than 100,000 (low)
  • West Wind Inn, Sanibel Island: Greater than 1,000,000 (high)
  • Beachview Cottages, Sanibel Island: Greater than 1,000,000 (high)

Please keep in mind that red tide concentrations are significantly affected by wind direction, as red tide blooms typically develop far offshore in the Gulf of Mexico and move inland aided by westerly wind direction. Easterly winds off the mainland, therefore, should positively impact cell concentrations. The past few days have seen winds from the west.

Be sure to utilize and share our resources here at Clear Purpose for your vacation planning. Remember that individuals will react differently to any beach or environmental condition, and our reports do not imply any recommendations, positive or negative.

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