The Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission’s daily testing of Red Tide cell counts in Southwest Florida waters confirms today the findings reported on Thursday, October 4, by Dr. Rick Bartleson of the Marine Lab at Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation — the levels of Red Tide along Lee County’s island coast are reporting as “not present” or, in effect, low to zero Red Tide present. The accompanying map is available at the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission’s website found on Clear Purpose. The map presents results of testing done daily, and is a summary of the past eight days of testing. Each day, a new map is made available at 5 pm EST.

All of us at Sanibel Captiva Beach Resorts are excited to share these results. The goal of our communications to our guests and the public has always been to report honestly and transparently, providing you information from accredited sources — like the many listed on our Clear Purpose website. Unlike some other organizations in our area, we have not chosen to make any declarations that are not founded on and supported by independent, scientific research. We remain one of the few, if not the only, resort management organization in Southwest Florida that has insisted on having the Gulf of Mexico waters along the shores of our beach resorts tested weekly.

We also understand that conditions are different throughout Lee County, or that conditions may change. We also understand that there remains ahead of all of us who love visiting and living in Southwest Florida a lot of work, passion and commitment to affect permanent improvements to our water quality that will benefit everyone for generations to come. We encourage you to join us in sharing our findings and if you desire, contacting your State and Federal representatives, wherever you may live.

In the meantime, thank you and here’s to a wonderful weekend that begins with great news.